Vapour HF Etcher (memsstar Orbis Alpha)

Vapour HF Etcher (memsstar Orbis Alpha)


The memsstar Orbis Alpha vapour HF etcher provides gas-phase (dry) etching of sacrificial oxides, enabling stiction-free release of devices for MEMS, Si photonics/optomechanics, and other applications which previously had to rely on HF-based wet etching followed by critical point drying. The in situ NDIR sensor allows for robust process monitoring and endpoint detection, for excellent run-to-run reproducibility.


  • Large process window to optimize process for any structure
  • Selectively etch different sacrificial oxides (thermal oxide, TEOS, SOI bonded oxide, quartz, PECVD oxide, spin-on oxide, low-temperature spin-on glass) without attacking other layers (Si, Ge, SiC, C, Al2O3, AlF3, AlN, Au, Cu, TiW, W, Ni, Al, Cr)
  • Accommodates substrates ranging from small pieces up to 200 mm wafers
  • Backside gas protection for 100 mm and 150 mm wafers: oxide on wafer backside is not etched inside a ~3 mm edge exclusion region
  • Excellent selectivity with silicon nitride (<5%)
  • High selectivity to underlayer and mechanical materials
  • High etch rates for undercut and blanket SiO2 (>200 nm/min)
  • Excellent uniformity and repeatability (<5%)
  • No corrosion or stiction
  • Unique endpoint capability via NDIR process monitor