User Information

We are in the process of migrating much of our information to a new knowledge base. Users are encouraged to visit for more information.

Registered usersRegistration is quick and easy will have access to a user control panel with live, detailed facility & equipment information; however, if you haven’t yet registered, you can look though this section to learn more about our policies and operations.



In this section

  • Centre Access
    Once you’ve completed the steps necessary to become a registered user, you are on your way to gaining access to the nanoFAB’s capabilities. The…
  • Hours of Operation
    For more details on access please refer to the policy guide section on User Access.
  • nanoFAB Policies
    This manual is addressed to all nanoFAB users and outlines administrative policies and safety procedures that must be followed. The nanoFAB is committed to…
  • User Fees
  • Safety Information