Autosorb iQ

Autosorb iQ


The Autosorb-iQ provides flexible and versatile surface area and pore size analysis. The iQ is also chemisorptions unit, which can use hydrogen, carbon dioxide for various heterogeneous catalysts and support materials; transition and precious metals, dissociative and nondissociative type adsorption, acidic and basic sites of oxides.


  • Capable of performing ultra-low pressure micropore analysis from <1×10⁻⁸ to >0.999 p/pâ‚€ simultaneously.
  • Longer life liquid nitrogen dewar time (90 hr)
  • Ability to perform micropore, mesopore, and macropore analysis by physisorption or chemisorption.
  • Surface Area Range: sensitivity of 0.001 m²/g
  • Pore size range: low nanometer to lower micrometer. (0.35 to ~700 nm)
  • Capable of COâ‚‚ gas analysis.
  • Multi-gas adsorption capability, N2, CO2, Kr & Ar.