Autosorb iQ

Autosorb iQ


The Autosorb-iQ-XR provides flexible and versatile surface area and pore size analysis. Pressure Transducer (0.1 torr, 10 torr and 1000torr full scale). The iQ is also chemisorptions unit, which can use hydrogen, carbon dioxide for various heterogeneous catalysts and support materials; transition and precious metals, dissociative and nondissociative type adsorption, acidic and basic sites of oxides. This tool doesn't have Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) to perform TPR/TPD/TPO.


  • Capable of performing ultra-low pressure micropore analysis from <1xE-8 to 0.999 p>
  • Longer life liquid nitrogen dewar time (90 hr)
  • Ability to perform micropore, mesopore, and macropore analysis by physisorption or chemisorption.
  • Surface Area Range: sensitivity of 0.001 m²/g
  • Pore size range: low nanometer to lower micrometer. (0.35 to ~700 nm)
  • Capable of CO2‚ gas analysis.
  • Multi-gas adsorption capability, He, N2, CO2, Kr & Ar.