Fumehood (Aisle 1 – Laurell / Headway Spinner/Hotplate)

Laurell & Headway Spinners - Hotplates


Housed in spin-bake deck in secondary litho area. The Headway spinner is a manual resist dispense system with interchangeable bowls, which allow for multi-propose processing. This system is used for manual dispense of volatile solvent-based resists (PMMA, HSQ, ZEP, and SU-8), thick resists, and several other materials (approved on a case-by-case basis). The Laurell spinner is currently reserved for spinning electron-beam lithography resists and other approved resists. Hotplates available for resist baking: softbake, hardbake, post-exposure bake


  • Interchangeable bowls
  • Spread and spin functions
  • Wafer chucks for small pieces to 4" wafers
  • Interchangable bowls (Headway)
  • Located in exhausted secondary litho spin-bake deck, which allows for various organic chemicals to be used