Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT

Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT


The Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT is the world’s highest-resolution 3D printer. Based on two-photon polymerization (2PP), it allows for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography with the same device. Submicron resolution printing with feature sizes down to 200 nm and optical quality surface finishes are characteristic key features. Two powerful writing modes move the laser focus with respect to the photoresist: A piezo-mode for arbitrary 3D trajectories and a galvo-mode for ultra-fast structuring in a layer-by-layer process. With these unique features, the versatile system covers the broad demands encountered in nano-, micro- and mesoscale fabrication.


  • Minimum 3D lateral feature size: 200 nm (spec.); 160 nm (typ.)
  • Finest vertical resolution: 1500 nm (spec.); 1000 nm (typ.)
  • Accessible print area by motorized stage: 100 × 100 mm2
  • x-y-z piezo range: 300 × 300 × 300 μm3
  • x-y galvo scan range: 200–600 μm diameter (dependent on scanning objective)
  • Maximum object height: 3 mm (DiLL mode)
  • 2PP resins provided: IP-Dip, IP-L 780, IP-S
  • Optical-quality surfaces
  • Straightforward 3D printing workflow from CAD files (STL format) import to final parts
  • Diverse range of print materials and substrates