Fee for Service – Fabrication

Utilizing the extensive toolset and expertise available at the nanoFAB, we offer custom micro/nano fabrication services for both industrial and academic clients. Often the time and cost associated with training and developing the skills necessary for successful fabrication processing can be barriers to achieving quick and initial results that can be leveraged for funding, investment, or proving the viability of a process flow. To remove these barriers, achieve faster turnaround times on initial designs or concepts, and justify continued investment in a fabrication run, the nanoFAB offers fee-for-service fabrication. A fee-for-service project may also be beneficial if you are interested in contract manufacturing of your prototype or proof-of-concept device, allowing you to focus on the design, integration, and application of your device.

All projects are required to provide draft designs, which our staff can utilize to make final mask layouts. The nanoFAB does not provide design services for development of specific devices or technologies.

If you are interested in learning more about our fee-for-service model, please contact Aaron Hryciw for more information. An initial consultation will be scheduled and depending on the outcome a quote generated.

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The nanoFAB also works with CMC Microsystems to leverage experts and state-of-the-art toolsets from micro/nano fabrication laboratories at Canadian universities for prototyping and low-volume production. If you are interested in higher-volume production, visit our industrial partner Micralyne.