Mask/Bond Aligner (SUSS MA/BA6)

Mask/Bond Aligner (SUSS MA/BA6)


The SUSS MicroTec MA/BA6 mask and bond aligner can be used both for g/h/i-line photolithography and aligning wafers for bonding (using the SUSS Bonder), with easy changeover between mask and bond aligner modes.


  • Accommodates substrates up to 150 mm in diameter (100 mm diameter in bond aligner mode)
  • Resolution down to 2.5 µm (standard); submicron resolution has been attained
  • Alignment precision of down to 0.5 µm
  • UV illumination uniformity of up to 5%
  • Contact modes: proximity, soft contact, hard contact, vacuum contact
  • Exposure modes: constant power, constant dose, split exposure
  • Mask-to-wafer alignment modes: manual, assisted, and automatic (via image processing and pattern recognition)
  • Topside and backside optical alignment
  • Automated wedge error compensation