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The nanoFAB is a centralized open-access research and development facility specializing in micro- and nanoscale fabrication and characterization. We are committed to helping you achieve your research goals by supporting and providing an open-access training, research, and collaboration environment designed for your success.

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With over $110M worth of micro- and nanoscale fabrication and characterization equipment and infrastructure, our instruments and cleanroom laboratory provide access to a wide variety of capabilities. With our dedicated staff for training and on-site technical assistance for process development and analysis, we are an unparalleled Canadian academic facility supporting research and development.


Our experienced and dedicated staff bring years of experience in both academic and industrial settings to our users. As facilitators to user processing and analysis, they are well-suited to meet the needs and challenges of a wide range of project types.

Wet Etch Aisle 1

One of our wet processing aisles


Mems Device

The output from an undergraduate lab (ECE 457)

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