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The nanoFAB is a centralized open-access research and development facility specializing in micro- and nanoscale fabrication and characterization. We are committed to providing an open-access training, prototyping and low volume manufacturing environment specialized in supporting academic research and industry development.

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With over $110M worth of micro- and nanoscale fabrication and characterization equipment and infrastructure, our instruments and cleanroom laboratory provide access to a wide variety of capabilities, for building and seeing at the nanoscale. With our dedicated staff for training and on-site technical assistance for process development and analysis, we are an unparalleled Canadian academic facility supporting nanoscience research and industry development.


The nanoFAB is a professionally managed centre that is structured to align with University and Alberta and government strategies, to respond to both academic and industry needs. The nanoFAB is managed by an academic appointed Director who does not have an independent research agenda: performance is assessed solely on the outcomes and sustainability of the services offered by the nanoFAB to its community stakeholders. The Director answers to a management committee consisting of the Deans of Science and Engineering and the VP Research of the UofA. This committee provides strategic guidance and assesses the health and welfare of the nanoFAB. The nanoFAB also has a six-member advisory board consisting of four UofA faculty members, a faculty member from an external university, and a C-level industrial member. The Advisory Board provides guidance on road mapping, funding, and partnership opportunities.

Mission and Vision

The nanoFAB mission is to foster a collaborative training environment where both academic and industrial users can learn to independently produce and characterize an endless variety of devices at the nanoscale in a safe, stable and repeatable fashion.

The nanoFAB vision is to provide access to state of the art equipment and expertise to build and see at the nanoscale so that the ideas and products of researchers and companies can come to life.

To achieve our mission and vision the nanoFAB maintains 4 strategic objectives and tracks relevant outcome metrics. These objectives and outcomes are updated based on the needs of our sponsors and community members.

  1. Hands on training of academic and industry HQP.
    • The # of HQP supported and trained in the nanoFAB
    • The # of academic and industry groups working in the nanoFAB
    • Increasing available tool sets and processes offered for training
  2. Process development and fee for service offerings for enhanced capabilities to support advance research and industry development.
    • # usage hours
    • # of fee for service projects
    • # of academic and industry groups supported
  3. Support academic and industry development through proof of concept, prototyping and low volume manufacturing capabilities
    • Industry and academic revenue generated
    • Capital equipment grants and collaborations
  4. Sustainable and transparent operations and administration
    • Business process mapping and documentation (confluence.nanofab.ualberta.ca)
    • Controlling operational costs through efficiency
    • Engagement with our proprietary online, real time management system (LMACS – https://lmacsdocs.nanofab.ualberta.ca/)
    • Funding leveraging through industry, provincial and federal programs
Wet Etch Aisle 1

One of our wet processing aisles


Mems Device

The output from an undergraduate lab (ECE 457)

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