Sputtering System #4 (Moe)

Sputtering System #4 (Moe)


An AJA Orion 8 planar magnetron sputter system with six 2" sputtering guns, three power supplies (2 DC, one RF), and substrate heating. It is a load-locked system with manual specimen transfer and automated (computer-controlled) deposition. The targets in all six guns are switched weekly upon request.


  • Six 2" sputtering guns with automated power supply and shutter control
  • QCM for accurate rate testing immediately prior to deposition (not in situ process monitoring)
  • Substrate heating to 850 °C using quartz lamps
  • RF etchback
  • Plumbed with N₂ and O₂ for reactive sputtering
  • Turbo-pumped load lock and process chamber
  • Maximum substrate size: one 100 mm (4") diameter wafer
  • Tooling available for small and irregular pieces
  • Rotating substrate holder