Electron-Beam Evaporation System #2 (PVD-75)

Electron-Beam Evaporation System #2 (PVD-75)


Six-pocket electron beam evaporation system with computer-controlled, automated deposition.  Deposition materials are restricted to approved metals only. Pockets 1–6 are dedicated to aluminum, titanium, chromium, gold, silver, and nickel respectively; pocket 5 may be switched at user request.


  • 6-pocket e-beam hearth: Al, Ti, Cr, Au, Ag, and Ni. Pocket 5 (Ag) may be switched to an approved material at user request
  • Cryo pumped with a base pressure of <1e-7 Torr; <4e-7 Torr achievable within 30 min pumpdown
  • Automatic deposition recipes
  • 300 mm Ø platen with room for substrates up to 150 mm diameter
  • Rotating substrate holder
  • Typical uniformity of <5% over a 150 mm wafer, <2% over a 100 mm wafer