Sputtering System #2 (Doug)

Sputtering System #2 (Doug)


A planar magnetron sputter system with three guns, for deposition of metals, or reactive deposition of oxides/nitrides. A substrate holder allows up to a single 150 mm (6") substrate. The third source can be used with magnetic materials. The gun/substrate configuration is designed for co-sputtering. Substrate holder has heating to 150 °C.


  • Three 3" Planar Magnetron sources in co-sputter configuration
  • Three DC planar magnetron power supplies, one pulsed
  • Substrate heater to 150 °C using quartz lamps
  • Cryopumped with a base pressure of 1e-7 Torr
  • Oxygen and nitrogen reactive sputtering
  • Manual operation
  • Can hold up to a single 150 mm (6") wafer
  • Tooling available for small and irregular pieces
  • Rotating substrate holder