Heidelberg MLA150

Heidelberg MLA150


The MLA150 is a high-speed direct-write photolithography tool. Using laser light impinging on a digital micromirror array, the system exposes patterns from a CAD file directly onto photoresist-coated substrates, eliminating the need for a photomask, and resulting in a significantly shorter prototyping cycle.


  • Substrates from 5 × 5 mm² up to 150 × 150 mm² can be directly patterned without the use of photomasks
  • Two light sources: 405 nm (for standard g/h/broadband photoresists) and 375 nm (for i-line resists such as SU-8)
  • Minimum feature size of 1 µm
  • 100 × 100 mm² substrates patterned in less than 10 minutes (405 nm, dose of 100 mJ/cm²)
  • Alignment accuracy of 500 nm (topside) / 1 µm (backside)
  • Real-time pneumatic and optical auto-focus systems
  • Greyscale photolithography (128 grey levels)
  • Draw Mode for CAD-less exposure (no design file required)
  • High Aspect Ratio Mode, for vertical sidewalls when exposing thick resists