Fee for Service – Characterization/Sample Analysis

The nanoFAB offers a wide variety of material characterization capabilities.  For many, data is often required infrequently for the same sample or for only a few infrequent samples. This can often mean training is impractical for both you and the nanoFAB, since experience and expertise are developed over time through consistent use of the equipment. Or, perhaps you have a continuous need for sample characterization as part of a larger study or analysis project. Here it may be impractical to have a dedicated staff member doing characterization work and instead you prefer a contract analysis service. In these cases the nanoFAB offers sample analysis as a fee for service. Fee for service is provided as a flat rate including both equipment and staff time. Submissions can be made online through our Laboratory Management and Access Control System, with sample mailed or dropped off on site.

The sample submission procedure for registered nanoFAB users can be found here.

For new groups or external groups, who are interested in learning more about this capability, please contact Peng Li for more information.

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