Helium Ion Microscope (Zeiss Orion NanoFAB with Ga FIB)

Zeiss Orion NanoFab HiM w/ Ga-FIB (Trinity)


The Zeiss Orion NanoFab helium-ion microscope provides novel and unique microscopy and nanofabrication techniques. It enables high resolution imaging of insulating materials and devices with superb surface sensitivity and large depth of field. Ultra-high resolution fabrication can be achieved by direct patterning (material removal by sputtering) or lithography (resist exposure) with speed and ease. The system is also equipped with a Ga focused ion beam (FIB) column for massive material removal.


  • Fabrication
    • He beam for milling delicate sub-10 nm nanostructures (nanomachining)
    • Ga FIB for bulk micromachining
    • Patterning and imaging controlled using Fibics NanoPatterning and Visualization Engine (NPVE) system
  • Characterization
    • High surface sensitivity imaging
    • Ultra-high resolution imaging (0.5 nm)
    • Direct imaging of insulating materials (no surface preparation necessary)
    • 3D tomography