TPT HB16 Wire bonder

TPT HB16 Wire bonder


Semi-automatic wire bonder with motorized Z- and Y-axes, used to create electrical interconnects between dies and packages/printed circuit boards.


  • Capable of ball, wedge, bump, and ribbon bonding
  • 17 µm to 75 µm wire thickness, gold or aluminum wire
  • Motorized Y- & Z-axis, manual X-axis
  • 17 mm vertical deep-access bond head, 165 mm bond arm length
  • 63.3 kHz PLL-controlled transducer with 0–10 W ultrasonic power
  • Programmable bond time (0–10 s) and force (150 cN maximum)
  • Adjustable height heated work stage: 90 mm diameter, 250 °C maximum
  • Manual Z controller for fully manual bonding capability
  • Dynamic search box for on-the-fly Z- & Y-axis corrective loop profile, search height changes, and stitch bonding
  • Automatic bond height adjustment Z-axis sensor to identify touch-down and set height parameters
  • Loop programming to create individual loop profiles with up to 10 steps
  • Storage of up to 100 bonding recipes
  • Motorized wire clamp for precise tail length control
  • Leica S9D stereomicroscope with eyepieces and video monitor
  • Laser spotlight targeting system
  • Touch-screen interface