Mask Fabrication

The nanoFAB provides fabrication services for 5” × 5” and 7” × 7” photomasks. A photomask is a key component in your fabrication process as it is used to define the patterns you transfer during optical photolithography. At the nanoFAB, we also provide access to CAD software and training resources that you can use to design your photomask onsite. You can also design your mask using any software capable of producing a GDSII file (the filetype required for submission); however, we are unable to provide support should you run into problems with another CAD system.

The physical properties of the masks produced in the nanoFAB are:

  • 5” × 5” × 0.090” soda-lime glass
  • 7” × 7” × 0.090” soda-lime glass
  • Chrome coated (approximately 100 nm thick)
Detailed instructions on photomask fabrication and design submission

All photomask fabrication parameters are selected upon submitting the GDSII design via LMACS. The following is an overview of some mask terminology you will encounter during mask submission.
nanoFAB Photomask Overview