Parylene Deposition System

Parylene Deposition System


The PDS 2010 is a vacuum system used for the vapour deposition of the parylene polymer onto a variety of substrates. The clear polymer coating provides an extremely effective chemical and moisture barrier with high dielectric and mechanical strength.


  • Parylene C and parylene N are provided.
  • Maximum substrate size: 20 cm diameter, 26 cm height
  • Two removable jigs with 20 cm diameter shelves, although support posts reduce clear area to ~15 cm diameter: 1) Two shelves with 10 cm and 8.5 cm headroom; 2) Three shelves with 9 cm, 9 cm, and 4.5 cm headroom
  • Parylene C deposition rate: ~5 µm/hr (0.0002"/hr); 500 nm/g; 120 g max per run
  • Parylene N deposition rate: ~760 nm/hr (0.00003"/hr); 100 nm/g; 120 g max per run
  • Total run time = [deposition time] + 3.75 hr