Rigaku XRD Ultima IV

Rigaku XRD Ultima IV


The Rigaku Ultima IV is a state of the art, multipurpose X-ray (Cu-source) diffraction system. With cross beam optics (CBO) technology and automatic alignment capability, the Ultima IV is fast and flexible for a variety of applications including powder diffraction, thin film diffraction and in-plane scattering. This XRD has both parallel beam and focus beam slit, the detector is scintillation counter with monochromator. The system is provided for user operation as well as on a fee for service basis. Currently, the Rigaku XRD will focus on grazing-angle XRD for the thin-film community, while supporting powder users who want to use the multi-sample stage by submitting special request.


  • Thin film diffraction (PB+k-beta+C), glancing angle, max sample height 8 mm
  • Automatic sample changer: 10 positions, max sample dimensions, LWH 12*12*2 mm
  • Powder diffraction (BB+MC)
  • For powder diffraction, NanoFAB is pleased to introduce our Bruker D8 XRD, which has been moved to the CME building, is currently set up as a powder diffractometer using Bragg-Brentano parafocusing geometry.