AQM SiOx resist kit


Electron-beam lithography resist kit, negative-tone, 0.2556 g AQM SiOx powder + 30 mL MIBK


  • Product name: AQM SiOx (Applied Quantum Materials Inc.)
  • Negative-tone resist as a Dow-Corning HSQ replacement
  • Kit includes SiOx powder with 30 mL MIBK for dilution
  • Long (>1 year) shelf life when dry
  • Dilute 0.2556 g AQM SiOx powder (pre-measured) in 5 mL MIBK to obtain 6% w/w solution
  • For spin-coating, it is recommended to dispense using syringe with 0.1 µm filter to remove any particles

  • Academic Rate: $150.00/each
  • Industrial Rate: $150.00/each

AQM SiOx resist kit