Winter 2022 Newsletter


Winter 2022 Newsletter

This email is provided as an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.

Hitachi S4800 FESEM Available

A Hitachi S4800 cold field-emission (c-FEG) high resolution SEM is now fully commissioned and available for training. Tool specifications and sample data images are provided. Read and See More

CSAR 62: New positive-tone EBL resist available

An  alternative to the widely used ZEP520A, CSAR 62 (AR-P 6200) has been tested and validated for use in the nanoFAB. This lower cost alternative exhibits nearly identical performance to ZEP520A and is an effective replacement. Detailed process information, analysis and performance are provided. Read and see more 

Considerations for multi-layer film analysis

Cross sectional analysis of multi-layer films is critical to understanding device performance. With various compositional and morphological analysis techniques available in the nanoFAB, understanding their complementary nature is important. Using a real nanoFAB sample, a comparison of techniques is provided. Read and see more

Funding Opportunities

As an academic researcher utilizing the nanoFAB, you can reduce your research costs by applying for the CMC Microsystems MNT Awards. Successful applicants receive 80% of eligible nanoFAB costs.
Applications are accepted monthly.
NSERC Alliance Grant holders are eligible automatically.

On-Call Opportunity for Student

Teledyne Micralyne is looking to add to their list of on-call students to act as a safety buddy. If you are interested please review the posting on our website.

The nanoFAB is now on LinkedIn

Consider following the nanoFAB on LinkedIn to stay up to date on our latest technical developments and connected to current and past colleagues.