Micralyne On-Call Opportunity

Teledyne Micralyne Inc is looking for some assistance on an on-call, casual basis at the University nanoFAB.  Teledyne Micralyne employees work on projects at the nanoFAB that often require the presence of a safety buddy. We are building a list of on-call students to act as a safety buddy.  It is a great opportunity for you to work on homework, projects or other activities.


  • On Call/ Casual work
  • Hours on shifts ranging between 5:00 pm to Midnight
    • shift could vary in length and specific time
    • start and end times may vary
  • $15/hour 


  • Check on Teledyne Micralyne employees every 30 minutes


  • Qualified nanoFAB access
  • Trained in nanoFAB guidelines and procedures

If you are interested please contact Erin Robinson, HR Advisor at Teledyne Micralyne via email at heather.robinson@teledyne.com

Teledyne nanoFAB Safety Buddies Notice