Spring 2017 Newsletter

The nanoFAB Spring 2017 Newsletter providing an update regarding ongoing activities which may be of interest to our user community.

New Equipment/Processes

Jeol TEM is now open for user training. If you are interested in being trained on the transmission electron microscope, please complete an LMACS request for training.

Aluminum dry etch with the Oxford Cobra ICPRIE. With the recent commissioning and open access training on the Oxford Cobra ICPRIE, which allows for dry etching of a wider variety of materials and metals. The nanoFAB outlines the requirements for dry etching aluminum.

Leica carbon/metal coater is fully operational and provides 1. Sputtering of Au/Pd 2. Evaporation of thin carbon and 3. glow discharge for surface hydrophilization. This tools allows for thin film coatings for high resolution SEM and TEM microscopy.

Ongoing Work

The nanoFAB is always working on exciting things to support our user community, including;

Patience during disruption which is now complete

  • The nanoFAB recently completed the purchase of new PlasmaTherm PECVD tool. This tool will be commissioned during the fall of 2017.
  • The TEM is available for user training, with tomography capabilities for 3D imaging and EDX training opening soon. If you have interest in this technique for your work, please contact Peng Li, Characterization Group Manager at peng.li@ualberta.ca

Interesting nanoFAB facts

  • Equipment always busy during business hours? The nanoFAB is open 24/7 and provides after hours access on all equipment and processing. Gain after hours access by submitting an LMACS request for after hours access to your tool of interest.

Did you know

The nanoFAB has 208 pieces of equipment available to users. Please review our characterization and fabrication equipment list.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the nanoFAB or content in our newsletters, please contact us.


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