Summer 2016 Newsletter

New Equipment/Processes

SEM Upgrade: The nanoFAB has upgraded the Zeiss Sigma Field Emission SEM with sample/chamber cleaning and thin-film thickness metrology capabilities. Achieve higher-resolution imaging with the sample cleaner and perform point-source, non-destructive thin-film thickness measurements.

Need to bond pieces or dies for processing?  Interested in plasma etching smaller pieces? The nanoFAB has a spin-on Crystalbond process you might be interested in.

 If you are etching silicon—whether through-wafer vias or device layers only tens of nanometres thick—consider using our recently-installed Oxford Estrelas ICPRIE tool, equipped with Bosch, unswitched, and cryogenic Si etch processes which can be tuned to the needs of your application.

 Ongoing Work

The nanoFAB is always working on exciting things to support our user community, including;

  • Upgrades to XRF allowing for nondestructive film thickness measurement, large-area mapping > 20 cm² and liquid sample analysis
  • Installation of Cs corrected Atomic Resolution cold-FEG S/TEM (JEOL ARM 200-cf)
  • Applications support for MEMStar Vapour HF gas-phase oxide etching
  • Oxford PlasmaPro100 with a Cobra300 ICP Source for plasma based metal etching
  • Suss MA/BA6 mask-bond aligner providing high-resolution lithography with optical backside alignment.

Did you know

The nanoFAB also has a fee-for-service option allowing researchers to leverage our characterization and processing experience so they can focus on analysis of materials and devices without overhead of learning specific techniques.  Contact Dr. Aaron Hryciw ( for fabrication support or Peng Li ( for Characterization support.

Interesting nanoFAB facts

  • User fees represent 60% of our budget, with the remaining 40% coming from provincial and federal grants.
  • Over the last 365 days;
    • 875 unique users have utilized the nanoFAB
    • a total of 57,349 tool hours have been used
    • 3,423 user samples were processed by nanoFAB staff
  • The nanoFAB supplies all gaseous nitrogen & DI water to the entire ECERF building, through a 10,000 L liquid nitrogen tank and 50,000 L DI processing plant.

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