Spin-coating Crystalbond

The nanoFAB currently provides Crystalbond 555HMP as a temporary bonding adhesive, used primarily for attaching wafers and smaller pieces to 150 mm carrier wafers for processing in our DRIE plasma etch systems, such as the Oxford Estrelas and the Alcatel AMS110. Crystalbond is vacuum compatible, provides reasonable thermal conduction, and can be removed with water.

While the standard mounting procedure involves directly melting a stick of Crystalbond onto a heated carrier wafer, this process is somewhat prone to trapping pockets of air and can suffer from poor repeatability, particularly from user to user. A more consistent method of applying Crystalbond to carrier wafers is via spin-coating an aqueous solution of Crystalbond: the resulting film is thinner (~1.5 µm) and more uniform, providing better thermal contact between the process wafer and the carrier.

Any nanoFAB users wishing for more information about this process, or to receive training, please contact Scott Munro.


  • SOP: Temporary wafer bonding using Crystalbond [.pdf]