Access to Fabrication and Characterization Labs

1. Register as a nanoFAB user

The first step in gaining access to our facility is to register as a nanoFAB user. Once you have completed the account registration steps, you can proceed to the steps below to gain access.

2. Submit a training request

Requesting training on any of our fabrication or characterization equipment follows the same process, whether you are a new or an experienced nanoFAB user.

  • Using the Requests system in LMACS, submit a new request describing your training needs in as much detail as possible. This can be as simple as “I need SEM training” or as complex as a multi-step process flow. Do not worry if you are unsure which specific equipment you will need: our staff can work with you to determine which tools are best suited to your application.
  • Once your request has been reviewed, a nanoFAB staff member will contact you for further dialogue or to schedule your training session(s).
Please note that, in the interest of efficiency for both our user community and nanoFAB staff, we only offer training that is required to complete current work. That is, we do not provide “dummy” training sessions using “standard” specimens; instead, users are expected to use their actual specimens during training sessions. This allows our staff to tailor training to each user’s specific application and minimises the need for retraining in future.

3. Attend a safety orientation

Each of the nanoFAB’s laboratory locations has its own safety orientation requirements, which are not interchangeable.

  • For access to the cleanroom or 10k area, you must attend a Cleanroom Safety Orientation, held on Fridays from 9:00–11:00 a.m. This will be scheduled as part of the dialogue occurring in Step 2.
  • For most other locations, a brief safety orientation will take place during the first few minutes of your first equipment training session at each new location.

4. Begin tool-specific training

Our staff will schedule training sessions with you for each piece of equipment you require.

  • Once you have satisfied the training requirements on a specific piece of equipment, your user level will be graduated from “trainee” to “user”. This will allow unsupervised use of specific equipment during normal business hours.
  • Training on the majority of our equipment expires after a certain period of inactivity (365 days for most tools; shorter periods in certain cases). Once training expires on a given tool, you will be automatically reset to “trainee” and will need to request a retraining session to regain “user” access.

If you are a Canadian academic using our facility consider applying for financial assistance through CMC Microsystems.  This program reduces the barriers to research by easing the cost of travelling to non-local facilities and/or sharing the cost of processing your devices.   Application deadlines are monthly.