New Scanning XPS Microprobe is operational.

The nanoFAB is pleased to announce that the installation and qualification of the new PHI VersaProbe III Scanning XPS Microprobe has been successfully completed.

Main features of the system include:

  • Imaging/mapping capability with spatial resolution of less than 10 µm
  • Depth profile analysis of both organic and inorganic materials
  • Low Energy Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy (LEIPS)
  • Angle-resolved XPS
  • Hot/cold stage providing temperatures of −140 °C to +600 °C

You can watch the installation of the tool at the following time-lapse virtual tour:

View tour

Trial XPS analyses will be available during the commissioning period; if you are interested in having your specimens analysed using any of the advanced capabilities on this system, please contact the Characterization Group Manager, Peng Li ( The system is expected to be available for user training and fee-for-service specimen analysis by Spring/Summer 2020.

Below are some testing results from tool qualification:

  • Point / lineprofile analysis
    Sample: Patterned Au film on Si substrate


  • Depth profile analysis
    Sample: Multi-layer films
    Sputter gun: mono-Ar

  • Depth profile analysis
    Sample: Multi-layer Solar Cell Device
    Sputter gun: mono-Ar and GCIB
    Group: Prof. Jillian Buriak, Chemistry, University of Alberta