Introducing the nanoFAB Computation and Collaboration spaces


New Open Access Workspace

The nanoFAB is pleased to announce the opening of two new spaces for our user community – the Computation & Collaboration spaces are located in W1-028 and are available for use as of August 15, 2016.

Computation Space

The current CAD area has been transitioned to the open computational space located in W1-028. This area contains the same computing resources that were previously found outside the cleanroom entrance and is open to all nanoFAB users. Please note that food and drink will continue to be allowed in this area.

Collaboration Space

The new collaboration space is located in the enclosed area in W1-028. This space will not contain any fixed computing resources and is intended to serve as a day use only area where small teams or groups can work together and collaborate in a quiet area. Network connectivity is provided via 12 fixed ethernet ports in the area. Access to standard network services (http(s), (s)ftp, smtp, pop and imap) is available from this network. This area also houses a fridge, microwave and coffee maker available for public use.

Please note that this is an open area and that valuables should not be left in this space overnight. There are day-use lockers available for the storage of any valuables. These lockers should not be used for long term storage. If you require long term storage, please contact us and we can arrange the rental of a more permanent locker close to the cleanroom.