Electron Beam Lithography Training Sessions

Training for the Raith 150 & Raith 150 – two electron beam lithography systems have been scheduled.  The first sessions begin soon.  Users may sign up online via the Training Schedule Page.   To gain access to the tool, there are four training sessions that need to be completed:

  1. EBL SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope training specific to E-Beam Lithography)
  2. EBL Prep (Piranha and Lithography training specific to E-Beam Lithography)
  3. EBL Lecture (Lecture on Electron Beam Lithography Theory and Practice With a Focus on the Raith 150)
  4. EBL Hands-on training (Hands on Training Course for Electron Beam Lithography using the Raith 150. All aspects of EBL processing will be covered)