0.0 Terms of Use

This section of the policy manual outlines the Terms of Use which must be acknowledged and agreed to during the online user registration for access to the nanoFAB.

0.1 Terms and Conditions for User Access

Laboratory Policy:

The USER agrees to abide by all laboratory policies, as stated in the University of Alberta Nanofabrication & Characterization Centre (“the nanoFAB”) Terms of Use Policy Manual. Although the nanoFAB provides a general safety orientation and training on the safe use of specific equipment, the USER assumes responsibility to plan and perform work in such a way as to ensure their own personal safety as well as the safety of others in the nanoFAB community and the integrity of the nanoFAB and its equipment. 


The USER’s supervisor or representative acknowledges responsibility for purchases, materials costs and lab fees incurred by the USER in their use of the nanoFAB.

A one-time $200.00 administrative fee is charged for all new registrants.

Limits on Use:

The USER acknowledges that nanoFAB is a community of professional and student researchers. As such, courteous, professional, responsible behaviour is expected at all times. Access to the nanoFAB is a privilege and may be revoked at any time. 

0.2 Research and Intellectual Property Rights

The USER acknowledges that they are ultimately responsible for their own research and that the nanoFAB does not in any way warrant or assure a project success. The nanoFAB and it’s staff make no claims to inventions developed in the lab by USER’s, but also make no additional provisions outside of University of Alberta collective agreements governing staff, to protect USER’s intellectual property. The nanoFAB and it’s staff makes no guarantee for the security of USER’s intellectual property or materials while these materials and information are within the nanoFAB or handled by staff. Ownership of rights for intellectual property resulting from USER’s research shall be the responsibility of the USER. In the case of a collaborative project involving nanoFAB employees, intellectual property rights will be shared under agreements worked out specifically for this collaboration and reviewed by University of Alberta Research Service Office. The nanoFAB and its Staff will not be part of any secrecy or non-disclosure agreements having to do with work being performed in the nanoFAB. 

0.3 Acknowledgements Requirements

The USER acknowledges that their identity and affiliation may be made public in presentations, grants and reports and other materials describing the nanoFAB. The USER further agrees that the nanoFAB or its staff will be acknowledged in publications or presentations resulting from substantive work performed at the nanoFAB. 

0.4 Insurance

The University of Alberta provides no Workers’ Compensation or other Liability coverage for the USER’s benefit. The USER is deemed to be acting as a representative and/or employee of their affiliation during work at the nanoFAB. For non University of Alberta affiliated USER’s, at their own expense and without limiting its liabilities herein, must insure their operations under a contract of General Liability Insurance, in accordance with the Insurance Act (Alberta), in an amount not less than five million ($5,000,000) Canadian Dollars, insuring against bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. It is the responsibility of the USER’s affiliation to ensure that they are adhering to all local, provincial and federal regulatory acts pertaining to employee occupational health safety and insurance requirements.

0.5 Liabilities

The USER and their affiliated organization shall indemnify and hold harmless the University of Alberta, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims, damages, demands, actions, liabilities and costs whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly out of any utilization or interaction with the nanoFAB and its staff. The USER understands that use of the nanoFAB may involve exposure to potentially hazardous conditions including, but not limited to, chemical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and radiation hazards.