Chemical Import Form

All chemical import requests are now to be submitted via LMACS.

Effective 2019-04-11, LMACS must be used for all new chemical/material import requests. The Chemical Import Form formerly found at this URL is no longer in use.

The new procedure is as follows:

  1. Login to LMACS.
  2. Click the Requests button, found near the top of the page, to navigate to the Submit a New Request page.
  3. Enter the chemical/material name in the Request Title field. Choose a project in the Select Project from the drop-down menu. The Select Equipment field may be left empty.
  4. Choose “New Material Import” in the Select Type drop-down menu. The info sidebar will display a list of information that must be included in the Request.
  5. In the Summary field, enter all the information given in the sidebar, then click Create Request.
  6. Click the Edit Request button.
  7. Upload at least one SDS/MSDS for the material to the Request, using the Files panel.
  8. nanoFAB staff will review the import request, as for additional material if necessary, and communicate whether the request is approved or denied, via comments in the Request.