TPT HB16 Wire bonder now available to users

We are pleased to announce that the TPT HB16 Wire bonder is operational and open for training to all nanoFAB users. The TPT HB16 Wire bonder is a manual/semi automatic ultrasonic wire bonder with motorized Z- and Y-axes, as well as precise manual control of sample positioning in the XY plane, used to create electrical interconnects between dies and packages/printed circuit boards (PCBs). With electronic control of all bonding variables (sample temperature, ultrasound power, force, and time), this tool is able to perform ball-wedge bonding, wedge-wedge bonding, and ball-bumping. It also allows for both manual and automatic control of the bonding loop.

The main features include:

  • Leica 6:1 zoom stereo-microscope with 20× eyepieces.
  • Adjustable area illuminators.
  • Camera and screen for image/video recording.
  • Heated sample holder with both mechanical and vacuum holding options.
  • 6.5” TFT touch screen for program and parameter control.
  • Ball-wedge and wedge-wedge bonding options.
  • 25 µm Au and 33 µm Al (wedge-wedge only) wires.
  • Adjustable laser pointer for easy alignment.

Au ball bonding (click to see video). Courtesy of Zemp Lab

Au wedge bonding (click to see video). Courtesy of Zemp Lab








The TPT HB16 wire bonder is available to users for self-use (after training) and fee-for-service work. Any users interested in getting trained on this tool should submit a training request via LMACS. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Hryciw ( or Gustavo de Oliveira Luiz (