COVID-19 Update (March 23)

The nanoFAB remains open and operational.

The UofA of has announced that starting Monday March 23, all UofA North Campus buildings will be closed to the public and require ONECard access. This is for enhanced security due to the reduction of on-site personnel and students. The UofA of remains open, and further details regarding the closing of buildings can be found on the Facilities & Operations website.

All visitors to the nanoFAB will now need to use their ONECards for building access. Users with after hours access on equipment, will already have ECERF building access on their ONECards. For non after hours users wishing to access the nanoFAB we ask that you arrange entry with the nanoFAB tool trainer/manager staff member, preferably through UofA Google Hangouts, using the staff members ualberta email address.

Through guidance provided by Alberta Health Services, the nanoFAB has adopted the following practices as it looks to remain open and operational;

  • disinfecting regularly, high touch common areas and equipment
  • providing access to hand sanitizer prior to accessing any labs and gloves for use on any equipment
  • encouraging social distance and wearing of masks during training sessions
  • encouraging staff and community members to stay home and away if sick
  • staggered staff shifts to ensure maximum operational ability.

The nanoFAB has also evaluated its current supply to ensure appropriate stocking of chemicals and consumables. At this time the nanoFAB is well stocked to maintain operations.

Please continue to use the LMACS request system for communicating any equipment, maintenance, training, sample analysis or processing needs. Also, please review the nanoFAB COVID-19 Response page on our Knowledge Base website for further details on our new policies and protocols prior to your next usage of the nanoFAB.