Winter 2019 Newsletter

Winter 2019 Newsletter

Here we provide an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.

In-Situ Heating XRD

In-situ heating analysis has now been commissioned and is available on the Bruker D8 Discover XRD for temperatures up to 900 °C. Keep Reading.

100 kV EBL Service

For higher throughput, resolution, stitching and overlay precision, 100 kV electron-beam lithography (EBL) exposure is now available as a service to our academic users. This supplements our current 30 kV capabilities. Keep Reading

Filmetrics F50 Upgrade

The nanoFAB recently replaced a 15-year-old thin-film measurement system with a new Filmetrics F50-UV. This tool measures thickness from 5 nm – 40 µm and is now available for training. Keep Reading

Did you know?

The nanoFAB recently completed its purchase of new imaging X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) system, the Phi Versa Probe XPS. It is anticipated this tool will arrive in the Summer of 2019 and available to users Fall 2019.

The nanoFAB recently moved out of CCIS and relocated all surface spectroscopy tools to CMEB. We wish to thank the Faculty of Science for their support over the 11 years we were in CCIS. Sample submissions will continue to be in ECERF W1-040, with data processing programs (XPS, SIMS) available in our common computer area ECERF W1-028.

Save the Date

Bruker and Tescan will be presenting on nanoCT and FIB-SEM 
March 1st @ 9:30 – 11 am
Registration Link

The nanoFAB will be hosting a User Community Meeting on
Tuesday March 5th @ 3pm in ECERF W1-028.
All welcomed to discuss applications and operational needs.

ThermoFisher will be presenting on CT and FIB-SEM on April 3rd

Further details and registration will be provided through the LMACS.