Miniaturized magnetic resonance

Enabled by resources available at the nanoFAB, a new method of measuring magnetic resonance by torque magnetometry has been developed and published in the journal Science. The research group of Prof. Mark Freeman in the U of A’s Department of Physics developed a nanoscale optomechanical torque sensor platform based on double-clamped resonator designs incorporating a disk of the ferrimagnetic material yttrium iron garnet. In these devices, the twisting motion of the torsional resonator induced by an oscillating magnetic field is measured via optical interferometry.  This new approach to magnetometry is ideal for a wide range of sensing applications in the physical sciences, health care, and engineering. Researchers interested in magnetic resonance spectroscopy are encouraged to contact the Freeman Group.
Applied field and torque sensor geometry

A 10 000× scale version of the nanoscale device is demonstrated in the below video.