Enhanced Electron Microscopy

The nanoFAB has recently completed the first of three installations intended to bolster its Electron Microscopy capabilities.  Once completed, the new tools will extend our facility’s ability to view and understand the nanoscale world that we operate in.

The physical installation of our new Zeiss SIGMA Field Emission SEM (FESEM) has been completed, and our EM team is now working on bringing the analytical capabilities of the system online to our user community.  The FESEM features the GEMINI column, which is optimized to operate at low kV imaging for excellent surface sensitivity.  It is also configured with in-lens secondary electron (SE) detector and a backscatter (BSD) detector.

The system also integrates the Oxford AZtecSynergy system with simultaneous EDS and EBSD acquisition which provides accurate phase identification and fast elemental/phase mapping.

For more details or any inquiry regarding your materials characterization needs, please contact the nanoFAB.

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