NanoRobotics Micro fabrication volunteer request

The nano-robotics group is a student run organization here at the University of Alberta. As the name implies the group has the aim of fabricating nano-robots which can compete in international competitions. At present the group is striving to compete at the ICRA 2014 | IEEE 2014 International conference on Robotics and Automation robotics challenge, which is being held in Hong Kong in between May 31st 2014 – June 5 2014. Part of the competition rules is the fabrication of micro arena’s. Each group needs to have a fabricated arena to participate in the competition. This year we are in need of a volunteer with fabrication experience to help the group fabricate the two arena’s needed for fabrication. As part of the group anyone who helps with the fabrication will also have the opportunity to fly to Hong Kong as part of the team representing the group at the competition. The following link leads to the overall rules of the competition which contains the fabrication design requirements:

Download Rules

If anyone is interested in helping out the group or has any further questions please contact Marium Japanwala.

Email Marium