nanoFAB Presents: Plasma-Therm – Plasma Processing Workshop

The nanoFAB is pleased to invite you to the following workshop, presented by Plasma-Therm, hosted here at the University of Alberta.

  • Title: Fundamentals of Plasma Processing (Etching)
  • Where: W2-021 ECERF
  • Date: Tuesday October 1, 2013
  • Time: 8:00 am to 12:00pm


Plasma-Therm Event Flyer

Lectures will include basics of plasma etching mechanisms with relevant examples relating to compound semiconductor, dielectric, metal, and deep silicon etching. State-of-the-art etching technologies for deep silicon will be reviewed. Fundamental and new ideas for endpoint detection and sample thermal budget management will be presented.

The Workshop is intended to provide understanding and insight to those working with plasma etching processes and equipment. The goal is to help researchers make faster progress on projects requiring plasma processing. The course has been very well received at Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USF, Notre Dame, Cornell, IMRE (Singapore), Lund (Sweden), ISCAS, UCSB, Stanford, SINANO, and UT Austin. Graduate students, post docs, professors, and staff have all found the material useful. Please be assured that the course is not an advertisement about Plasma-Therm products.

Speaker Information - David Lishan, Ph.D.

David Lishan received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from UC, Santa Cruz and M.S. and Ph.D. from UC, Santa Barbara in Solid State Electrical Engineering. During his career he has worked and published on wide range of material, semiconductor, and chemistry R&D projects in the areas of photochemistry, x- ray mask fabrication, PVD, and plasma processing. He joined Plasma-Therm 15 years ago and currently holds the position of Principal Scientist and Director in the Technical Marketing Group. His primary focus is on the application of plasma processing for MEMS, photonics, data storage, and compound semiconductor applications. He holds two patents in the area of semiconductor processing and over 60 publications and conference presentations.

David Lishan, Ph.D

Please note that although this is a free event, online registration is required by September 30 as space is limited. – Register Online