X-Ray Microscopy/nanoCT is Available

The nanoFAB is pleased to announce that the Zeiss ZEISS Xradia Versa 620 X-Ray Microscope (XRM) has been successfully installed and is operational now. The microscope is housed in the nanoFAB CME lab. You can watch the installation of the tool at the following time-lapse virtual tour:

View tour

The Versa 620 XRM features:

  • High power (25 W) X-Ray Source with energy range of 30 – 160 keV
  • Fully automatic control (filters, detectors, objectives) and reconstruction 
  • High spatial resolution – less than 500 nm
  • A two-stage magnification technique that produces high resolution imaging at large working distances (RaaD)
  • Versatile sample sizes and types – stage travel range: X – 50 mm, Y – 100 mm, Z – 50 mm
  • Integrated in-situ heating/mechanical testing stage
  • DragonFly Pro for advanced 3D visualization and analysis

All the above features enable high-resolution, high-throughput, versatile non-destructive 3D microstructure analysis of materials in a broad range of application fields. Below are some examples of results obtained during the tool commissioning in the areas of Life Science, Material Science, Geology and Electronics and Semiconductor.

The Versa 620 XRM is now open for staff analysis. If you are interested in analyzing your samples on the Versa 620 XRM, please submit a “sample” request with sample details on LMACS. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Peng Li (Peng.Li@ualberta.ca) – the Characterization Group Manager.

Application Examples

3D Printed Gratings
Porous Foam
3D Printed Sands
3D Printed Coupon
Quartz Pressure Sensor
Apple Lightning Cable Connector
Welded Steel


Life Science


Japanese Clarinet Reed

Star Anise

Chinese Pepper






Material Science

Void percentage and size distribution in a porous foam

Voids inside a 3D printed coupon. Block size: 6 mm X 8 mm X 3 mm

Voids/Cracks inside a welded steel piece. Sample size: 10 mm X 10 mm X 15 mm,  Sample courtesy: Suvan Choudhury and Prof. Leijun Li, CME, University of Alberta

Fibers inside Face Masks (Cleanroom and KN95)


Void, Binder and Sand volume percentage and Sand particle size distribution in a 3D printed Sand block


Electronics and Semiconductor


Sidewall profile of a single crystal quartz device in a resonant quartz pressure sensor Sample courtesy: Dr. Christopher M.B. Holt, Phase Advanced Sensor Systems Corp. www.phasesensors.com

Internal structures of a Schwarzite structure fabricated by the Nanoscribe 3D lithography system. Sample size: 1 mm X 1 mm X 1mm

Internal components inside an Apple Lightning cable

3D printed gratings with various pitches