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You have been redirected to the new home of the Alberta Centre for Surface Engineering and Science (ACSES).

Welcome to the nanoFAB: Fabrication and Characterization Facility.

The nanoFAB is a centralized research and development facility specializing in micro- and nanoscale fabrication and characterization.  All previous operational, technical, and administrative activities provided through ACSES can now be accessed through the nanoFAB.

Looking for characterization equipment?  Click to see our complete Characterization tool suite.

Are you looking for specific staff members?  With 17 staff members, we are sure to have someone who can help.  Please review our Staff Directory.

If you have a general question, you can contact us through our online form.

The nanoFAB is committed to supporting and providing an open-access training, research, and collaboration environment designed for your success.  Please visit our home page and browse our website for full facility details.

Thank you,

Eric Flaim, PhD