8.0 User Discipline

This section contains user discipline policies.

8.1 Disciplinary Policy

Because of the expense of equipment, dangers in the facility and the fragility of other user’s devices/processes, users and staff of the nanoFAB need to act accordingly. The nanoFAB promotes the use of our on line Safety Concern Form by all nanoFAB users. It is the responsibility of all our users to help contribute to a safe work environment. The following Disciplinary Policy has been developed to ensure a safe work environment for all of our users.

It should be noted that all violations and disciplinary actions are tracked and documented.

8.2 Disciplinary Actions

All nanoFAB staff may issue Yellow Cards and Red Cards if a breach of Policy or Safety violation is observed.

Initial Disciplinary Actions are defined as follows:

Yellow Card

Minor infractions against nanoFAB Safety or other Policies that are observed by either staff or users. Yellow cards will be communicated to the user verbally and via email. The cause of the yellow card will be discussed by the staff member and the user.

The yellow card is a warning that a user has broken a minor safety infraction or has not learned to use equipment correctly or adhere to nanoFAB staff member directions.

When a yellow card is given, an email will be sent to the user, their supervisor, and all nanoFAB staff members.

Three yellow cards lead to a red card. (See Red Card below for information).

Red Card

Serious or major infractions of nanoFAB Operational Policies or Safety Procedures. The “Red Card’ is also to deal with users who are disrespectful or disruptive to the community working environment within the nanoFAB.

Any staff member can give any user a RED card.

Upon issuing a Red Card, the user will be asked to clean up their work, if it is safe to do so, and leave the nanoFAB immediately.

Users issued Red Cards will have their nanoFAB Account access suspended until further notice.

When a red card is given, an email will be sent to the user, their supervisor, and all nanoFAB staff members.

A Red Card results in the loss of nanoFAB access until the appropriate staff members & a member of the management committee meet to determine the level of supplementary disciplinary action that is necessary. The meeting will be scheduled before the end of the next business day and can include the staff member, the training staff member, one or more of the management committee members, and any other staff, as required.

8.3 Supplementary Disciplinary Action

A Red Card can lead to one or more of the following Supplementary Discipline Actions listed below, if the results from the above meeting determine that this is appropriate. Once severity of discipline is determined, a management committee member will send an e-mail to the user and their supervisor or PI. All nanoFAB staff will also be notified at that time.

Supplementary Disciplinary Actions are defined as follows:

  1. Minor Discipline – A violation of a safety or operations policy of the nanoFAB that is not considered serious enough for a suspension, but greater than a warning. This may include, but is not limited to, revoking after-hours access to the tool or nanoFAB, tool re training and or repeating safety orientation.
  2. Suspension – All Red Cards lead to a same day suspension. Supplementary suspension from the nanoFAB can be issued up to a maximum of 14 calendar days as a result of a Red Card.
  3. Strike – If previous disciplinary actions have not corrected the behaviour or the severity of the violation, or the user blatantly violates safety protocols that put others in danger, a strike will be issued in combination with other supplementary disciplinary actions.

Three strikes = permanent expulsion from the nanoFAB

(regardless of whether the nanoFAB is critical for user research or graduation or not)

8.4 Appealing Permanent Expulsion/Removal of Access

The user, or Principal Investigator, may appeal to the nanoFAB Director regarding any permanent expulsion/removal from the nanoFAB. In this instance, the ECE chair shall act as an impartial mediator for dispute resolution. All previous user history within the nanoFAB will be made available in consideration of a final decision.