6.0 Safety

6This section deals with all aspects of safety within the nanoFAB

6.1 Safety Committee

The Safety Committee acts as an advisory body in all matters of safety. All persons are encouraged to promptly bring to the attention of the nanoFAB staff or any Safety Committee member any apprehension as to hazards or unsafe practices in their work area.

The committee performs the following:

  • Identify hazards and draft appropriate policies.
  • Review incident reports and provide corrective actions.
  • Recommend changes to the nanoFAB Policy Manual.
  • Provide updates on safety information.
  • Maintain the nanoFAB’s ability to handle accidents and emergencies.
  • Oversee Safety Orientations.
  • Ensure users meet WHMIS compliance.
  • Regular safety checks of emergency equipment & PPE.

6.2 Safety Concern Form

All users are encouraged to report all concerns, incidents, near misses, and unsafe acts they encounter or observe while working at the nanoFAB. All reports should be made through the LMACS system.

The purpose of this policy is to bring to the attention of the Safety Committee such concerns in order for the committee to recommend corrective actions to prevent similar or more serious incidents from happening and to initiate new policies to deal with new hazards.

6.3 Emergency Procedures

Fire Alarms & Facility Status Lights

In addition to standard Fire Alarm Lights, there are also light towers located in many locations throughout the facility (as shown below). These towers are used to indicate the status of a great number of facility conditions that are monitored.

Facility Status Lights

Facility Status Lights

Fire Alarm Lights

Fire Alarm Lights

  • Flashing Red: Hazardous Gas Alarm ACTION: IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE nanoFAB
  • Flashing Amber: Facilities Alarm ACTION: Ensure staff is aware
  • Flashing Blue: Water Related Alarm ACTION: Ensure staff is aware
  • Solid Blue: NORMAL ACTION: N/A


If you are in the clean room during a Fire Alarm or a Hazardous Gas Alarm the alarm occurs, Do NOT remove your bunny suit, evacuate immediately.


  • All injuries must be reported immediately to a nanoFAB staff member.
  • Any users are expected to cease work to assist an injured person.
  • When trips to U of A Hospital Emergency are necessary, another person must accompany the affected person(s). If chemical exposure is involved, a nanoFAB staff member will also be sent.
  • If deemed necessary, phone 911 and request an ambulance be sent to ECERF for the injured user.
  • An online safety concern form must be completed.