5.0 Laboratory Protocols

This section deals with policies related to personal hygiene, PPE and lab attire.

5.1 Personal Hygiene

No make-up, perfume, cologne, aftershave, or scented lotions should be worn in the cleanroom. Users must not smoke for at least four hours prior to entering the facility. If it is discovered that you have violated these guidelines you will be asked to leave until you have corrected the problem. Continued violations will result in disciplinary action.

5.2 Footwear

Only flat soled closed toe footwear is allowed in any part of the nanoFAB. Shoe covers must be worn at all times and are located at the nanoFAB entrance.

5.3 Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are required at all times in the cleanroom & 10k areas. They must be worn whenever any chemicals are being used or when any processes involving chemicals are being performed. They must also be worn when using any of the spinners or any other tools that may possibly have flying particles. They may be removed only when using the microscopes or when doing other close inspection type work but the safety glasses must remain with each user.

5.4 Personal Listening Devices

Personal listening devices are permitted, but one ear must be clear to ensure the user can hear alarms in the facility.