2.0 Administration & Billing

This section deals with the registration, booking, fees, invoicing and other administrative policies within the nanoFAB.  As a trust funded centre, the nanoFAB relies on a combination of operating grants and user fees to achieve sustainability. An in house, custom built, real time administration system called the Laboratory Management and Access Control System (LMACS) is utilized for all administrative functions, allowing for tracking and reporting of metrics which keep the nanoFAB competitive when writing grants or setting fees.  All equipment rates, caps, subscription and fee for service models are posted on the nanoFAB website here.


LMACS is the nanoFAB’s web-based user portal and administration system. This system serves as the main user portal to users and is used for the majority of administrative tasks within the nanoFAB. Users will interact with the system on a day-to-day basis while working in the nanoFAB and there will be many references to this system throughout this policy guide. LMACS is a full-service user and project management system, with many tools to allow for efficient and effective management of group activities in the nanoFAB.

To login to LMACS, visit: https://admin.nanofab.ualberta.ca

2.2 Registration

Registration to the nanoFAB is mandatory for access to equipment, training, sample submission and group creation. All nanoFAB users must register with the centre via the online LMACS system; both individual user accounts and group accounts are created through LMACS.  A one-time $200 administrative setup fee is charged per registered user in support of administrative overhead associated with ongoing operations, including LMACS.

  1. Registration is quick and easy and can be completed entirely online. You can begin by following this link.
  2. Quoted fee-for-service work does not require LMACS registration.

2.3 Fees

As a trust funded centre, the nanoFAB maintains competitive user fees for access to equipment to achieve sustainable operations. Fees are based on Canadian academic or non-academic affiliation, and are posted on our website for each piece of equipment.  The fee web page also outlines caps and subscription models that are offered by the nanoFAB. The fee structure is reviewed and updated regularly. Please check our website for the most current fees.

2.4 Billing Policy

The following terms and conditions outline the nanoFAB Billing Policy.  This policy covers administration of all nanoFAB generated invoices. All administrative inquires related to nanoFAB invoices or billing can be directed to the nanoFABs administration office.

  1. nanoFAB invoices are generated on a quarterly basis the first day of January, April, July and October, for the 3 month period ending the last day of the previous month.  Invoices include all project specific charges including materials, services and equipment time for the previous three months.
  2. Invoices are generated on a project specific basis and mailed to the project principle investigator (PI).  PIs are responsible for ensuring their group members are aware of which project they are to charge against.  Multiple projects can be created for a single PI.
  3. Equipment rates for projects are based on academic, academic-industrial, or industrial rate schedules.  These schedules are applied to the project at the time of their creation.  
  4. Invoices submitted to University of Alberta PIs can be paid by internal speed code through completion of a U of A Indent form.
  5. Invoices submitted to external PIs are administered by the University of Alberta Financial Services and are subject to a University of Alberta 15% overhead charge and GST.
  6. It is the responsibility of every PI to ensure timely and proper payment of nanoFAB Invoices.  Invoices will be considered outstanding if not paid 30 days after receipt of the following quarter invoice.
  7. Outstanding invoices will result in accounts placed on hold and project users denied access to the facility.  
  8. All nanoFAB invoice related questions, comments or inquiries regarding charges, payments or other activities on invoices that are in dispute, or should alternative payment arrangements be necessary, should be directed to Melissa Hawrelechko.

The Billing Policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis for implementation on November 1.

2.5 Billing and Booking System

The nanoFAB uses the LMACS system for accurate invoicing of research groups for their use of the facility.

Users must login to all equipment via the LMACS system while using it to ensure proper billing occurs. These billings are critical to ensure that the facility has sufficient funding to continue operating at the level required by the users.

If there is a problem with the LMACS system (such as forgetting to log out or log in, or system crashes), please contact the Administrative Assistant as soon as possible (via email or personally) to tell him/her what corrections are needed.

On equipment that is in heavy demand the nanoFAB reserves the right to implement special booking rules to the instrument (to ensure fair access to all users).

 Equipment must also be booked through the LMACS system :

  • Users who book equipment in advance have priority over users who do not.
  • If a user is more than 15 minutes late for a booking without notifying staff they may lose their scheduled time slot.
  • Bookings can be canceled by contacting one of the nanoFAB staff members.
  • Users should finish processing in a timely manner as to not impede other user bookings.
  • Conflicts regarding access to equipment and it’s surrounding workspace: Priority will be given to a user who has booked the equipment, followed by whomever is logged in to the equipment.
  • Users are to log themselves in before processing and out once processing is complete.
  • Special permission must be given to any user that wishes to reserve a piece of equipment for more than 24 hours over any 48 hour period.

2.6 Mask Pricing and International Shipping Policy

The following terms and conditions are enacted as the nanoFAB optical mask pricing and international shipping policy. This policy covers administration and pricing of optical masks to ensure consistent mask production to users and simplified administrative overhead; all prices listed below are in CAD.

  1. The pricing for photomask fabrication depends on the mask size, the lens used for exposure, and whether the customer is academic (affiliated with a Canadian educational institution), or external (not affiliated with a Canadian educational institution, such as industrial users or international academic users), as given by the project type for billing. The pricing does not depend on the device density or overall exposed area on the photomask.
    Mask size Lens Academic External
    5″ × 5″ 10 mm $185 $278
    7″ × 7″ 10 mm $370 $556
    5″ × 5″ 4 mm $379 $570
    7″ × 7″ 4 mm $758 $1140
  2. Shipping charges are applied directly to users with Freight on Board to the University of Alberta shipping dock. Users requiring shipping must submit a Courier Account Number during the online submission process. Masks requiring shipment without a Courier Account Number will be invoiced $150 for shipping (within Canada).
  3. A $25 handling surcharge will be applied to masks requiring shipping. This fee covers the cost of packaging and administrative overhead.

Optical mask pricing and shipping policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis for implementation on Sept 1.