1.0 nanoFAB User Expectations

This section of the Policy Manual outlines the responsibilities of the users within the nanoFAB in regards to understanding the operational and administrative policies.

1.1 Users Responsibility

All users in the nanoFAB, at whatever level, are expected to identify the hazards associated with the activities for which they bear responsibility, to warn those who may be affected by them, and to take steps to ensure that health and safety of other users will not be endangered.

Every user is required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work. As such, any health conditions that may impact their usage of nanoFAB equipment and processes are to be reported to a nanoFAB staff member.  All persons have a duty to not interfere with, or misuse, anything provided or organized in the interest of health, safety, or welfare.

1.2 Responsibility for new policies

New policies are posted on the nanoFAB website as well as the notice board at the entrance to the centre.  It is each individual’s responsibility to become familiar with and follow these policies.  Ignorance of new policies that have been posted is not an excuse or a defense.

1.3 Information Transfer

The nanoFAB operates effectively when the staff is made aware of problems and issues in the centre. If there is a problem with a standard process not working, or a piece of equipment that is not working properly, nanoFAB staff must be informed. If we do not hear from the users that there is a problem, we cannot fix it. If there is an issue, let staff know by submitting a new request via the LMACS.

1.4 User & Staff Guidelines

The nanoFAB recognizes that many users are new to the areas of micro and nano- characterization and fabrication. However, the user is responsible for the success of projects undertaken within the nanoFAB. Upon training, the nanoFAB staff is available for guidance and support on how to get the best quality results from equipment and processes, including operational aspects of the equipment that may have been forgotten, support on processes within a staff members area of expertise, and general guidance.

For a user, the nanoFAB staff will:

  1. Verbally correct the user if they see that they are having a straight forward issue running a tool that the user hasn’t used recently or has just been trained on.
  2. Provide, to the extent of their expertise in an area, advice to new users on how best to proceed.
  3. Help a user to get the best results possible with the equipment available in the nanoFAB.
  4. Direct the user to the research and technical literature, so that the user may read these papers and gain greater understanding of their device fabrication or characterizaton procedures and processes.

Users are also expected to follow proper safety procedures at all times, report any unsafe situations or observed practices to staff, read relevant internal Standard Operating Procedures, properly log in and out of equipment, and never modify a piece of equipment without prior approval from staff.

In all cases nanoFAB users and staff are to be treated professionally and courteously at all times.

Administration & Billing