Raith 150-2 Operational

A maintenance and service visit has just been completed on the 150-2 EBL system.   This tool is now fully operational and can be booked using our online scheduler.

Overnight Shutdown

Due to a scheduled repair of our Liquid Nitrogen Holding tank, we will be shutting down a number of tools overnight. Please check the status of your tool if you wish to perform processing between 5pm July 21 and 8am July 22.

Mandatory Training Course

Our mandatory training course is currently being modified.  We will be offering a single 2 hour training session that will replace the current 3 session course.  This course will be offered in early September.  Stay tuned for more details & firm dates as they come available.

Canada Day at the NanoFab

July 1st is a statutory holiday, nanoFAB access will be as per our “after hours access” policy. 

UV / DUV mask aligner back in UV mode

Our UV / DUV mask aligner (Elmo) is now back in UV mode. DUV is still available by special request.

Equipment Shutdown Notice

Due to maintenance on the building vacuum system the following equipment will be unavailable on Monday June 22nd, 2009

Piranha Deck Down

The Piranha Aisle 2 wet deck is down to enable maintenance to the exhaust system.

Clean Room Storage Boxes

As part of the ongoing installation of the Alcatel AMS110, we have temporarily moved the storage boxes in the cleanroom along the south wall.

Pattern Generator Maintenance

The Heidelberg Pattern Generator will be placed offline from June 12 – 22 for routine maintenance. 

DUV installed on Mask Aligner #2

We’ve recently setup Mask Aligner #2 (Elmo) into it’s “DUV” configuration (254nm).   Normally, this system exposes subtrates at 365nm & 405nm.