Upgrade to Oxford ICPRIE

Update (December 4/09) – The install of the liquid nitrogen generator is complete and the process qualification will be begin shortly.  Stay tuned to our Equipment Page to see when you’ll be able to use this newly upgraded system!

NanoFab Introductory Safety Course – November 10, 2009

We will be offering our Introductory Safety Course at 1PM on Tuesday, November 10/09.  The course has been heavily modified and condensed down to a one time 3 hour lecture.   This course will be offered every 2 months

Electron Beam Lithography Training Sessions

Training for the Raith 150 & Raith 150 – two electron beam lithography systems have been scheduled.  The first sessions begin soon.  Users may sign up online via the Training Schedule Page.  

October 8/09 – NanoFab HVAC Shutdown

This Thursday, the U of A trades will be performing some scheduled maintenance on the Supply Fans for the cleanroom.  The shutdown will take place from 7:30Am, until noon.  The cleanroom will remain open during this maintenance, but there may be some variance in the temperature and humidity. 

Welcome EE457 students

We’d like to welcome the students from EE457 to the nanoFAB.  These students will be using different areas of the nanoFAB from 3 -5 PM, Mondays thru Thursdays until the end of term.  Welcome to our new users, we hope your labs go smoothly.

Cryo Etch for Silicon (Oxford ICPRIE)

Our Oxford Instruments ICPRIE has been repositioned in order to make space for a new etcher (which will be usable very soon).  The Oxford Instruments ICPRIE is now only to be used with the Cryo Process for Silicon Etching.

Diamond Touch Dicing Saw Repaired

Thanks to some hard work from some of the staff, the Diamond Touch dicing saw is now up and running again. 

NanoFab Introductory Course Next Week- September 9, 2009

We will be offering our Introductory Course at 1PM on Wednesday, September 9/09.  The course has been heavily modified and condensed down to a one time 3 hour lecture.   We also plan on offering this course every 2 months

Heritage Day at the NanoFab

Monday, August 3th is a civic holiday here in Alberta.   As with any other holiday, access will fall under our normal after hours access policy.  We will return to normal hours on Tuesday morning.

Raith 150-2 Operational

A maintenance and service visit has just been completed on the 150-2 EBL system.   This tool is now fully operational and can be booked using our online scheduler.