TOF-SIMS Imaging Spectrometer (ION-TOF GmbH)

TOF-SIMS Imaging Spectrometer (ION-TOF GmbH)


Time of Flight-Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy is an ultra high sensitive surface analysis technique providing detailed elemental and molecular information about surfaces, thin layers and interfaces.


  • dual beam profiling (Ar/O2/Cs for layer removal, Ga for analysis)
  • sputter rate of analysis beam < 0.1 nm/min
  • analyser mass range 1-9,000 with sensitivity < 1ppm
  • mass resolution of 8,000 at m=29 u and 12,000 at m=372 u
  • surface imaging with parallel mass detection
  • secondary electron detector for imaging
  • maximum beam raster size 500 um x 500 um
  • macro (stage) raster upto 5 cm x 5 cm
  • sample holder accomodating 2 cm diameter samples up to 6 mm thick
  • 4D raw data file (x, y, z, m) for each secondary ion to allow reconstruction of spectra, profiles and images
  • pulsed low-energy (20 eV) electron flood gun for charge compensation of insulating samples