Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA)

Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA)


Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) is to determine changes in weight in relation to changes in temperature. Can be used for weight loss detection as function of temperature, determination of thermal stability and heat resistance, and moisture determination of materials, including polymers, copolymers, and low molecular weight compounds.


  • Dual range microbalance, from 0-200 mg and 0-1 g, with autoswitching
  • Automated gas switching, pan loading and furnace movement with software controlled dual mass flow controllers
  • Analysis between ambient and 550°C up to 1000°C equipped with a 16-chamber auto-sampling platform
  • Can be used with either N2, air, or/and CO2 gases
  • Both Platinum pan for high temperature and ceramic pan for chemically active materials