Speedvac Concentrator

Speedvac Concentrator


A dehydration process used for the preservation and cleaning of samples containing water or other solvents, allowing for purification and long term storage. It is ideal for the concentration or drying of biological and non-biological materials in all kinds of solvents. The Speedvac is designed for low volume and multi-sample applications.


  • Suitable for use with non-aggressive organic solvents (Ethanol, Methanol, Acetonitrile) and aqueous solvents (water-based samples)
  • suitable for use with acid concentrations less than 1.0N (TFA, HCI, Nitric Acid)
  • Built-in vacuum gauge and vacuum display
  • 40 Micro-tubes, and tube sizes are from 0.6 mL to 2 mL
  • Rotor for microplates is available