Orbis PC Micro-EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

Orbis PC Micro-EDXRF Elemental Analyzer


This X-ray fluorescence microscope allows non-destructive qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis and mapping of solid samples, using the EDX technique. Compared with SEM/EDX, Orbis PC Micro-EDXRF offers a much higher sensitivity for many elements. It provides powerful analytical capabilities in a variety of analytical applications, such as materials, geology, non-destructive testing, process control, and criminal forensics, to name a few. This instrument can be applied to analyzing clay types and impurities in clays in oil sands without requiring solids digestion.


  • Non-destructive element analysis
  • Has all the basic EDX functions, e.g.Line Scan as well as Element Mapping
  • 3 different X-ray optics (70 µm, 1 mm, or 2 mm) for analysis
  • Film thickness model
  • only can detect element heavier than sodium (Atomic number >11)